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Shedding Some Light on the KY Eclipse Team

Shedding Some Light on the KY Eclipse Team
You probably know about the amazing solar eclipse happening on August 21st, but did you know that UK College of Engineering is partnering with NASA to livestream the event from space? The Kentucky Eclipse Team is one of about 60 groups across the nation bringing one-of-a-kind 360° footage of the eclipse to the public - and even performing research for NASA’s upcoming mission to Mars.
Here’s how it works: We launch high-altitude helium balloons carrying GoPros and more cameras. Photos and videos of the eclipse get recorded and broadcast to our Ground Station and livestreamed along with all the other teams on NASA’s website. At the edge of space, the balloons burst, and we track them to their landing site to recover them.

Our team has been preparing for the eclipse for 3 years, designing payloads, programming equipment, and running test launches. During the eclipse launch, we’ll also being helping NASA with biological research for the Orion missio…